Re: Forums are now up at the Moon Design home page

From: Pomeroi <pomeroi_at_5mg3y0pirisjIJyuh2qGHI3xq8X-xT8hYv_9JVxiKzT6RO8mVl3oE38nSBaKC2jjz_EF>
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 15:30:59 +0200

On 21.04.2012 11:53, Trotsky wrote:
> Stewart wrote:
>> I'm not convinced a list can work without that official engagement to
>> stimulate it. Please prove me wrong.

> I'm inclined to suspect you're right - I've seen the same thing before
> in similar contexts. However, partly for unrelated reasons I've
> mentioned elsewhere, I would (at least at the present) rather not engage
> in discussions at all than use forums to do so. So be it.

Perhaps we used too many words, arguments and explanations, that the point drifted off. Members like Trotsky, me and other people giving points to the list - of course - are those who know how to work with a list. We do feel sorry for those who indeed use the yahoo website and don't know how to set up their mailclient. But this should not be a reason to move to another technic that has without doubt its strengthes, but those lie elsewhere.

To sum up in only few lines: What we want to say is, it is simply too arduous to follow a forum, if you know better. I want to use the best available tools that exist to handle news. Now they tell me I must scroll through - well, scrolls.
-- few lines end

A sad and sorry - I mean it! - Good Bye to those who leave the list, their wisdom will be missed. It may be it's death, but pessimism alone will not let me go to a forum.

PS: I will not contribute more on this subject here. But I am willing to collaborate on keeping this list attractive / find better ways. Mail me off-list.
Perhaps we only lacked to have a "how-to" on handling a mailing list in a mail client" :-(            

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