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From: David Scott <sciencefish_at_Z9ckqsgyeQEE3ppgEco1yn1cY-eCpVYBympoQROiW12GBsq2B1piyqE1PejfFK-y>
Date: Sat, 21 Apr 2012 21:53:46 +0100

I am amazed that a rather boring subject has produced more posts than many others recently. What is it you want out of these forums lists? Why are you unable to talk about what you want about Glorantha? Are you children scarred of what your parents might say? If you have any interest in this fantasy world then stop whinging about what Jeff or who ever says what and get off your arses and talk, discuss, ask about this fascinating world. I'd love to hear what you are doing, what games are you running where? What theories you have about stuff, Have you run a Pavis game yet with the new book. Etc.

Those of you who want a better forum, better email, etc. Have you offered your services to Charles, Rick or Jeff? Or are you just happy to moan about what others are doing?

I suggest:
Post stuff on the forum/email of your preferred choice. Write stuff / discuss stuff even if it diverges from official stuff. What are you scarred of. Send your articles to Newt or Roderick if not Moon Design. Stop whinging and do something about it if annoys you. Stop whinging here and talk directly to those who can do something about it. If you are a lurker, that great as you are still interested. Don't confuse a vocal majority with a silent majority. Bear in mind that Moon Design is actually two guys with families and young kids who do this coz they are passionate about Glorantha. Most others involved, aren't paid for what they do (myself included). Get real about this hobby, it's a hobby, an interesting one at that, but not the whole world. Play some games...

As a side note, I had great time today playing trolls vs. broos in the Big Rubble courtesy of Gregory Privat and Andrew Taylor (Mad Knight Castings) at Salute 2012. I'd like to thank them publicly for doing a great Gloranthan demo game at a public show.

I'd also like to thank Jeff and Rick for the new Pavis book, I am biased but it's a great piece of work. I'm looking forward to Wyrms footnotes 15, as that's got great content. I'm hoping the guide to Glorantha is going to be better than Pavis. It's already shaping up nicely and will certainly have great art in keeping with Glorantha, and finally we can lay the horrors of Avalon Hill art to rest after 28? years.


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