Re: Forums are now up at the Moon Design home page

From: Blueyonder Mailbox <matthew.cole_at_kMKnExKDdlVz45V4giGjgfBOVHIdTDyVLCoOTIxzL-ry_oF5kLaeWisl2n3WL2w>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 02:15:52 +0100

good. fixed Thunderbird and now I can post here.

I've read quite a few of the posts in this thread of discussion with interest. Sorry about the ones I couldn't be arsed to go all the way back to.

I did a brief search for free forum products.

This seems informative. It looks like MyBB supports posting by email. What do people think?

Please only constructive comments/criticisms.



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