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From: Trotsky <TTrotsky_at_qdo7jcHaUG44Q1gUkYNGn5MLRv8hAfV_Cb_H_9u56v94AAJGwkG-14wp-lZuBJm5rfQ>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 19:03:11 +0100

chris jensen romer wrote:
> My RQ characters today crossed Felster Lake. I'm still trying to get a mental picture of what it looks like. What is the best terrestrial analogue? The Baltic? Black Sea? The Great Lakes? or maybe the Mediterranean?
Physically, I'd have said that the Great Lakes are a pretty good analogue: Lake Superior, in particular, is about the right distance inland, in somewhat similar terrain, and not far off the right size, shape, and hydrography. The climate is probably warmer than that, though, and, in that respect alone, I'd guess that the Black Sea isn't a bad match.
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