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From: Jim G. <cainesinmyhead_at_sSWinnEbTBzRh84otOgwgwWwPZcqiofa_AsC1sQogYoGRgfBckC1965bNjYTz>
Date: Sun, 22 Apr 2012 19:17:22 -0600

I would like to see some continuation of the Colymar Campaign at some point. I mention that as a side note. I am hoping Ian's project under development (Rising Storm). I realize that might be unreasonable expectation because his one based upon another tribe or clan.. but I did enjoy the Colymar Campaign, and was excited to read the prospects of it continuing.

Of course, I am also thrilled by the original scope of Ian's campaign, i.e. doing something with the Sartar Rising adventures that were never fully realized.

On Sun, Apr 22, 2012 at 3:00 PM, chris jensen romer <> wrote:

> Thanks for the Felster lake replies! I'm sending this from my phone so
> apologies. Quick question to those who have seen the new Pavis book.
> Are the adventures therein suitable for a continuation of The Colymar
> Campaign? Or are they completely independent?
> cj x

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