Odal and personal property among the Orlanthi.

From: teeeterry <tt_at_TNbv7b0PZC3TBk9nCkjFeuwhK8hJwcEkNxYldX5RP0SStoj8Z34muBSl2eLaThHopPM_.yaho>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 08:58:35 -0000

I'm trying to understand how property works among the Orlanthi. Everything seems to be owned by the clan except personal property. There are also property belonging to a booldline, and also steads(?). In one way or another it's communal (on some level) or personal. I'm ok with this I think.

But what happens when our heroes are out there in the world, slaying enemies and taking trophies, finding lost treasures or simply getting paid for a job? Are all of these riches personal property, or does it depend on the type of item? Or does it depend on the circumstances under which the items were obtained (mission for the clan, running around on their own)?

Is there a typical way of splitting such riches between the individual and the clan? After all the clan has provided for the person their whole life, so most people would want to share with the clan even if everything is considered personal property. Would such a split depend on the types of items or simply value? Would the three cows obtained go to the clan `automatically' or would it be ok to sell them and buy a new bracelet?


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