Re: Odal and personal property among the Orlanthi.

From: robin <robin_mitra_at_cXmupSW5KHZfJcAGgU53OiGMU7qVsLKPpijxoAU2H4qwlGc8GuKuhtX1dW8_i6rL>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 13:30:48 -0000

I agree that the distribution of wealth depends entirely on the circumstances. An honourable Orlanthi cannot do as he wills. Even though nobody can make you do anything you are bound by responsibility and duty. To go out on adventures in the first place, you have to reach an agreement. If the thane goes off roaming around somebody else has to protect the village. If a carl or cottar seeks adventure somebody has to plough the field and tend the livestock. So if the heroes go on a private adventure they will probably ask the clan for permission. If the clan allows it, it will expect some kind of compensation. However, it does not have to be loot. A new trade agreement with a neighbour that benefits the whole clan will do just as fine.

If the clan provides the PCs with any clan resource the expectations of compensation will be even higher.

As a rule of thumb personal gifts given to a character always belong to that character and his bloodline, not the clan.

Last but not least in my Glorantha the Gods might expect some kind of sacrifice upon the return for protecting the PCs on their journey.


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