Re: Forums are now up at the Moon Design home page

From: Tim <tim_at_CKMKJN6GsScmXUghcuFseQXYOawrAbfNMEM2uod5sEvZbXW8CCWAajx5EaS8cQIsJyqEQjDP>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 14:26:09 -0000

Really? Given that (as a necessity) everyone who reads this list is at least able to cope with use of yahoogroups, I'm not at all surprised that a move to replace/supplant it is of concern to at least some of the readership. When the replacement is not able to provide (m)any of the basic functions of the mailing list it is even less surprising.

> What is it you want out of these forums lists?

Somewhere that it is easy to keep up to date with discussion, (official or otherwise) on all matters Gloranthan (and/or Heroquest) that doesn't involve paging back and forth through an on-line forum trying to determine what messages are new since I last visited.

>Why are you unable to talk about what you want about Glorantha?

I'm not. But use of forums rather than mailing lists makes it much harder for me to read what other people are talking about

>Are you children scarred of what your parents might say?
I have no children, and my Mum thinks it's all "D&D" anyway

> I'd love to hear what you are doing, what games are you running
> where? What theories you have about stuff, Have you run a Pavis
> game yet with the new book. Etc.

I'm not currently playing or running a Gloranthan game (although I may be running a Sartar campaign later in the year). I don't have the Pavis book yet as I'm waiting to be able to support both Moon Design and my FLGS.

> Those of you who want a better forum, better email, etc. Have you
> offered your services to Charles, Rick or Jeff? Or are you just
> happy to moan about what others are doing?

If I had any expertise or skills to offer, I would do so. I suggested earlier that if they want to host an in depth archive of Gloranthan discussion then they should look at hosting/linking the Gloranthan Archive at - Again I don't know how that was produced, but bringing it (and keeping it) up to date would seem to me to solve a lot of the issues peole have with tracking down "old" discussions.

> As a side note, I had great time today playing trolls vs. broos in
> the Big Rubble courtesy of Gregory Privat and Andrew Taylor (Mad
> Knight Castings) at Salute 2012. I'd like to thank them publicly
> for doing a great Gloranthan demo game at a public show.

I would have liked to have been able to get there to see it. I do wonder if the interest it generated is why my photo of a Morokanth Chariot ( had a spike of views over the weekend...            

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