Re: Odal and personal property among the Orlanthi.

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Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 10:14:18 -0700 (PDT)

Conflicts over where the new goodies should go?  Then you have more scenario material, I'd say.  

Why were your heroes away?  If they didn't come by the stuff as a direct result of clan business, it's likely your stuff by clan tradition.  E.g, if they were away at a distant market, waylaid by bandits en route, and just took their stuff, then I'd say it's their loot, and they get to give it as they'd like.  Sure, there may be grumping that their dad hasn't swung a sword for twenty years, and that one of the chief's weaponthanes would use it better.  Have fun gaming with the dissatisfaction.  You've lost a potential friend among the chief's friends, which may not have been offset by giving your chief the suit of armour. 

As was said, giving something nice to Orlanth (i.e. the chief priest) is a good all-round idea.  I'd also suggest splitting that necklace into two bracelets, or a necklace and bracelet, and giving a bracelet to the Ernalda temple.  Ernalda may not have been directly involved in your conquest, but having a goddess who does healing on your side is always a wise move.  (If you're really lucky, Dad or Mom are one of the above.)  Giving impressive goods instead of cash is always more memorable.  

Depending on how far they're willing to spread the gifts, a pearl or so to Heler and/or the local water nymph might be nice, too.  Most people think of pearls as saltwater gems, but there are far more freshwater pearls around, and always were.  

Encourage your players to see beyond their own hearth.  Greediness is one of the worst faults to Orlanthi, and they will pay in the long run if they try to hoard the goodies for themselves or their nearest and dearest.  


I smell a catch 22 coming on:
>Our heros have been away and come home with various valuables. They have their idea about some of the gifts they'd like to give when they arrive: A pearl necklace to their mother (let's say they are siblings for simplicity), a nice sword to their dad and a suit of armor for the clan chief. However, these things are not theirs to give away before everything has been given to the clan chief first…

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