Re: Odal and personal property among the Orlanthi.

From: robin <robin_mitra_at_s15tIJ8evak9Wa8B9gxNUHBjuEZZc4p_HkAw2WgTr_3LE1ssde09xcyW0RdPn-_a>
Date: Mon, 23 Apr 2012 21:27:40 -0000

While I agree that there might be some clans in Dragon Pass that have very strict rules about bringing home the journey's loot, I don't like the idea this would be the standard among Orlanthi. Two reasons:

  1. Freedom & Liberty: A rule like "if you bring a non-magical item worth 1000 gilder home, you have to give 50% to the chief, 25% to the priest and you can keep the rest" doesn't look right. In fact it looks to me like some lunar scourge, that some call tax. Ew! The Orlanthi way is different. Orlanthi don't pay taxes, they give gifts. Even though gifts are socially expected and you expect to receive something in return it is no mandatory payment. I would assume the Orlanthi system is rather flexible like the wind.
  2. Game Fun: Considering the game fun and the multitude of possible outcomes I would also go for the voluntary system. There are expectations – not one, but many! Chief, priests, thanes, carls, cottars all have different expectations and needs. Maybe the PCs bring back cattle, silver and other treasures. They are heroes for stealing from the Greydog Clan. But are they also fair and generous? Or will they look greedy and miserly in the eyes of some of their clan mates? I think trying fulfil all expectations bears much more potential for entertaining scenes.

But of course my Glorantha varies. :-)


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