Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes Adulthood Initiations

From: Daniel <von_das_at_-mxNm5Z_33Ch4bF6Ba46aS5AB0xIy1qCU8SyQY1jWvBCzS20wJWCeZO0c8UvSEXMuCea>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 14:12:36 -0000

Re-posting from the forum, just in case. This seems like it might be the more appropriate place for it anyway.

I'm curious about some particulars of initiations for Sartarite children as described in KoH.

Specifically, I'm curious about elemental runes. The initiation write-ups mention awakening your True Self (Earth Rune) for women and awakening your Breath (Air Rune) for men. I wonder how it works if you have a different rune? Presumably even Vingan women and Nandan men undergo the initiation of their sex first, but what does a future Nandan awaken? His True Self instead of his Breath? His Breath, which is in some way different? Something else?

What of Darkness, Water, Fire? Do they awaken something else entirely, or a different variation on the same themes (sounds like it would be easier with a True Self than with a Breath, of course)? Would they be gender-specific as well? I suppose those things are all individual, of course, but I'm curious as to how you would approach it by default.

Also, I'd like to hear about people's experiences with roleplaying initiations. They seem like they could be a nice touch, especially when helping people come up with characters and/or trying to immerse them in an unfamiliar setting from the start. On the other hand, of course, they would likely require a very different approach from normal roleplaying.

Thanks in advance!            

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