Re: Odal and personal property among the Orlanthi.

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Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 08:08:19 -0700 (PDT)

Lord Hennamono <> wrote:
> > I don't have the Sartar book at hand, but I am unsure
> > whether the family is a legally recognised entity
> > among Orlanthi.
> I agree. Family (as in nuclear) is a modern concept - to
> the Orlanthi family is kin

Actually, "family" goes back to Aristotle's lecture notes, and meant everyone living together, including a family's slaves, animals, paid servants, Uncle Sven who isn't actually related to anyone but came back with your father after Father's short outlawry, etc.  Thus, having a nuclear family, as opposed to extended family, is one step up from being kinless.

I expect that the Orlanthi recognize family to the same extent that they recognize Bed Marriage (where a couple just shacks up together, much like Common Law Marriage in RW), friendships, and numerous other extra-legal relations, on an ad hoc basis.  It would be handled on a case by case basis, not cited as legal precedence except for the precedence that it CAN be noted.

> Clan is family. Bloodline is important but secondary,

Clans are a not-necessarily-permanent collection of bloodlines.  All fines are payable by bloodlines (and thus cannot be paid within a bloodline, which can lead to kinstrife).

> at least in my Glorantha...

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