Re: Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes Adulthood Initiations

From: Daniel <von_das_at_2znRJZ4M-NTHxfYEd3DJX-7a2cmv2EWZfy7KzZbLSwUauOjUlGNCvXa18vAr4HiM4JIf>
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 18:58:04 -0000

Well, thinking of the things those elements are actually associated with in Glorantha, Darkness would involve discovering a link with the primordial rather than with any later powers (perhaps it's more of a realisation of being a part of Darkness rather than/more than an independent individual? Something Trollish, anyway. Finding the ties to your and everyone's primeval Mother?), while Water is largely connected to refusing to define yourself in a clear and permanent way, or at least in any way that Orlanthi society would recognise as normal - perhaps it's more about refusing to acknowledge boundaries or assume a shape rather than awakening your True Self or your soul. Perhaps it is discovering one's Flow.

No idea about Fire.

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