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Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 22:34:35 +0200

On 25.04.2012 18:21, wrote:
> GM answered this :
> There's no doubt Silkinister is Humakt.
> There's no doubt he isn't.
> When I read this, I felt a violent flash behind my eyes, the world spun, and I got Illuminated...

I like this very much! I suppose in your case this was in the mundane world.

Earlier I told you I am relatively new to the idea of HeroQuesting (remember: Heler's Rain). I spared above concept for a HQ. In the beginning, the players felt uncomfortable with their characters in the Heroplane, after I have described their first impressions, like they had been talking to sentient beavers and such things. I told them: "You may feel odd about this, but your character does not. In his state of mind in a HQ it is perfectly normal to him, that he argues with a beaver about building dams, taming waters! That is what beavers do after all, you even knew this before! It is like a dream, where you do not question anything that happens or you "feel". As a quester you are absoulutely self-confident, you ARE a Hero and you KNOW YOU CAN DO what your task is here. And it is absolutely clear to you, that this woman standing beside you IS Ernalda..." Long pause ... "... while only deep in the back of your consciousness you know she is Selene." (The character'r real name.)

They got it!            

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