Re: Gustbran PC in HQ2 Glorantha

From: hcarteau_at_jIm6kDM7Hp93AixLNGLMYKmb_Ye5Y9CYnVmy6pb9XumSADW8H88EQIoHICmk9nrPaRD
Date: Wed, 25 Apr 2012 23:30:54 +0200 (CEST)

Bright weaving, tribes people!
/// Fairs Winds to you, Kinsman.

Does anyone have a Gustbran PC in their game?
/// Nope. I rule Gustbran Magics in the Forge. It's Making Magic and it's in the smith's tools. He can't carry his Magics around. But doubtless there are Quests where "Gustbran goes in search of Heat", and so on, for travelling smiths.

What do/would you do to allow them to make magic items?
/// I'd allow it if it makes for an interesting story (Hard Difficulty), and disallow it if it's just to manufacture +2 swords for all other PCs (Almost Impossible difficulty). I'd make it necessary to gather several ingredients : a bronze bone from a God, a gust of wind from an Umbroli, etc. I'd then have them all unite in a ritual around the forge.

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