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Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 09:16:40 +0200

This reminds of a famous quote entirely unrelated to RPG.

Whether you think you can, or you think you can't - you're right. ― Henry Ford

> And it is absolutely clear to you, that this woman standing beside you IS
> Ernalda..." Long pause ... "... while only deep in the back of your
> consciousness you know she is Selene." (The character'r real name.) They got it!
> /// To me, it's the whole key to Heroquesting : IDENTIFICATION. If you
> really, deeply, completely identify with your God / Ancestor / Hero /
> whatever, you can do whatever he did. If you don't fully do - you're in trouble.
> You won't find the inner strength, the Faith to power you. Subtle opponents,
> or not-so-subtle opponents with acute senses, will know it. They will smell
> your doubts. They will throw them to your face, try to widen, deepen them.
> Try to erase your God/Hero out of you. And you'll lose. That's why I play
> Silkinister like such a maniac.
> Of course, fully identifying to your God is also dangerous. You will make
> the same mistakes he did, suffer the same ordeals he did. And the people
> who support you will suffer accordingly.
> As a good jernotian, I believe Balance is the key to everything - but not
> in this case. You are or you aren't your God. You can't be "a little like"
> your God.
> Deep in the back of the PC's human consciousness, a crack grows...
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