Re: Gustbran PC in HQ2 Glorantha

From: David Scott <sciencefish_at_rr7v4weJLOA34X39lQh-3eU--1Hyj6QuBTbdRZZTeMZD-CSHACOXzoiw6xd0r_rm>
Date: Thu, 26 Apr 2012 14:45:35 +0100

On 25 Apr 2012, at 17:50, Matthew Cole wrote:

> Does anyone have a Gustbran PC in their game?

Yes, Akena the Wise-cracking Bonesmith

> What do/would you do to allow them to make magic items?

He's already made a superb quality magic sword for another player forged from the bones of the gods. The player had to pay a hero point to cement it and broke out superb quality magic sword from their death rune at +1


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