Re: Sartar: Kingdom of Heroes Adulthood Initiations

From: Daniel <von_das_at_kGI9fVEjnA6wO7ukXIjSbIuUcx4b0fuLZRW8DOm_pr5mr_zaVkn4hUgMN7YutnsifTSL>
Date: Sun, 29 Apr 2012 10:17:03 -0000

All of this explains to me quite nicely the advantages of making a character first and doing the initiations in a flashback later, as indeed suggested by the book. Thanks. :)

I suppose a Vingan takes a more active role in her womanhood initiation and so on.

Also, I suppose a lay member of an unusual rune is expected to initiate to an appropriate god sooner rather than later. Certainly there doesn't seem to be as much place for them as there is for conventional lay members, although this is just a general impression.

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