Re: Some input about a REALLY BIG mother

From: robin <robin_mitra_at_nJFeEGcAdeSmay93BVv1S3OiCUI9lbD9lMQoFkRP4yfFEvDN-cTMv_zGXXBj4zub>
Date: Tue, 01 May 2012 17:47:27 -0000

I am not entirely sure what your intentions are. If big Mama doesn't fight, she doesn't need any ratings at all. Unless of course, your players want to interact with her peacefully, trying to convince her not to be so mean anymore.

So I would tell the players "She is really big, huge, colossal and gargantuan. In fact she is growing bigger and uglier as we speak. Any attempts to kill or even harm her are futile. She has been there before the dawn of time and not even gods could injure her. But she loves bloody entertainment so she generously offers you that you can kill her spawn. By the way you are already surrounded and they are crawling upon you."


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