Re: Some input about a REALLY BIG mother

From: robin <robin_mitra_at_jMiwkeIs0D-EUAeXUF6mu8a16c_ZD6FVBnOdS28AA-OM0Xg-PnPGq0wqdP2c2RJ1>
Date: Tue, 01 May 2012 20:53:43 -0000

Well, in my humble opinion it's the other way around. Ability values give the impression something is possible. Why else would you need it for? Maybe I am too German for it, but if I tell my players "it is impossible" it is exactly that. If they try anyway they die. So if I may put my two cents in, I would try explaining that it's absolutely, definitely, unmistakably impossible to harm big Mama (maybe a spontaneous divination would support this). If they try fighting, the creature ignores them completely. It doesn't fight back, it doesn't move, it simply doesn't care. If they keep on poking with their petty swords and thunderbolts, big Mama moves and kills one player character instantly. No contest, no role. Simply dead, with the wink of an eye. This should make it clear to the surviving characters (and players for that matter) that they are not playing in the same league. I believe that is enough hard figure.

To be fair to the unlucky player I would not use her gulp or any other devouring ability but something like stomp. That way the character can be resurrected by a Chalana Arroy.

> She has been there before the dawn of time and not even gods could injure her.
> /// That's interesting. The only thing I know is that it appeared during the closing. What can you tell me otherwise ?

Sorry, I have no clue. I only know what information is in the Elder Secrets. Or to say it in Gloranthan words: I don't know which god tried to injure her where, when and why. They all got slurped into her big hungry mouth. Devoured by Chaos nobody remembers them anymore.

I only assumed she would be that old because I don't know she was born/created in history. Probably you are right and she indeed appeared during the closing. More learnt people might tell you about her origin.            

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