Re: Some input about a REALLY BIG mother

From: hcarteau_at_n-HkH2Fm774rBlLslOHaQsJ040_RrJmgrc-ZCIU8qHiAzMxd2xEhg_P8BsucLFRR4aG
Date: Wed, 2 May 2012 19:27:26 +0200 (CEST)

How about giving it a passive "terrifying presence" ability that panics the sailors and maybe the players? Set it about a mastery above the player's resistance, and explain that this is 'two or three masteries' below its main abilities?
/// I like this one. If they want to play smart, they'll have to overcome their own Blind Terror 15M3, and if they make it have to rally crew against "Nearly Impossible" odds.

Or else have it wade through teh ocean in the distance, creating waves that almost wreck the ships a kilometre or two away?
/// Ah yes, good. With a chance to fall in the water, where some of its newborn spawn (playful size 5M2 pliosaur) are looking for food. I'll take the "Giant Wave that sinks ship when MoM splashes around" !

Thanks for the ideas ; that should make this encounter a cherished memory (or not). I also like the idea of MoM eating up its own spawn, and also that those "foolishly let to eat and grow" might grow to reach its own size someday. In fact, I'm beginning to suspect there have been many MoMs over the ages.

Never thought I'd use that thing in one of my scenarios, but that's HQ for you !            

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