Re: Gloranthan Kickstarter

From: Keith <keith.nellist_at_6oNx7vV3dT4aiQ_O8x4uZ-okZvyMh2lIlumjGDeGYH6iYsWN06FkNgMfPWw9L1>
Date: Thu, 03 May 2012 20:54:57 -0000

I created hex maps for almost all of Genertela in the scale of the Dragon Pass/Nomad Gods boardgames. I did them in A4 sections, in black and white, with the idea that I could easily scan/copy/modify sections for different eras of Gloranthan history - 3x5 sections mad a reasonable sized mapboard for a boardgame. So, for example I could:
  1. create a map for the Blood Kings War
  2. create a map for Jannisors Revolt
  3. create a map for the 1st and 2nd Age Dragon Pass - modify the terrain around the upland Marsh, change ruins back to cities, etc.
  4. Have Nomad Gods spreading out into the Wastes
  5. Use the Nomad Gods counters for a Plunder of Teshnos game.
  6. Other interesting bits of Glorantha.

I lost those maps when I moved to Australia, but recently found part of Fonrit.

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