Re: Infinity, Stasis, Magic in S:KoH

From: hcarteau_at_HExRaZs5mn6SMUtsJUM4KB3LzkiWdpXVM7OOngpMAfOdWMY6V4OMn7aFXp8eo-L0Mie
Date: Fri, 4 May 2012 17:59:44 +0200 (CEST)

I suspect stasis is but a barbaric name for the True Power of LAW, aka Akos, aka the ultimate malkioni Rune. The very few heortling who'd awake it would be Lankhor Mhy lawspeakers, in charge of stabilizing an another violent, unruly social system. Some elmali Defenders might also have it, I agree with Robin. And Women. Women like Stability. To raise children, to protect them, to see the household proper, stability is needed. So some use the Stasis Power to balance their men's yelling and fighting and running around...

Infinity : IMO you cannot be born with. This Rune means "beyond mortal". You might get it in some big Heroquest, and become immortal, but the only ones born with it would be children of the Gods. What'd be the fun to play that ?

Magic : I never could find a fun, original use for that one, beyond using it to augment any and all other magical effects, whatever their form. It'd make a character more spiritual, otherworldly. Perhaps it can only remain raw and never be trained, developped ?            

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