Re: Two (Missing) Tribes

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Date: Fri, 11 May 2012 22:25:23 +1200

My shorter excuse

"Ignorance, Madam, pure ignorance"

My longer excuse

When I wrote Tradetalk #10, I only had the benefit of a very old sketch map of Maniria, so old that the geography doesn't look anything like Maniria now. I just ruthlessly plundered it for names and made up details about them for eastern Maniria. For western Maniria, I had a bit more information, namely Marc Wilner's material. Jeff Kyer drew on the same map for Blood Over Gold and what's there is largely his envisioning of Maniria rather than an elaboration of the Tradetalk material.

My intention was that the Western Barbarians turned against the Holy Country not in 1580 but after 1608 ST as per the Genertela Book p48. The reference to the Opening is a reference to the general recession caused by the decline of the Wenelian Road. In sunch a time frame,
"Western Allies" would have acquired an ironic meaning similar to "Our
Mutual Friend" as the memory of the alliance is not that old. Yes, it conflicts but since the RQC has such quaint details such as the president and the elaborate means of his election, I wasn't too fussed about conforming.

I've not seen the Greg's own map that Stewie refers to. Does it say anything about Thonble?

--Peter Metcalfe            

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