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> Some time later, much of Dragon Pass seems to be under a single Argrath. In any official publication it has been deliberately unclear who becomes that Argrath (and there may in fact be more than one that is conflated in KoS). There is also no mention of what happens between the various Argrath's.

IMO only.

Garrath Sharpsword who defended the Cradle went south with Harrek on the circumnavigation and was killed. Sailing also with Harrek were many Arkati (Mularik Ironeye is descended from Arkat Chaosbane). So when the Heortling Skalds are writing down Harreksaga and they hear of an Arkat doing this or that, they translate it into the Argrath to glorify their king. Likewise when Mularik rules Tarsh, he is an Arkati and so becomes Argrath ruling Tarsh.

Argrath of Pavis was a descendent of Dorasar who took over Pavis after the Whitebull's conquest of 1624. He is still ruling in 1629 when the Telmori have an obscure quarrel with him.

Argrath Whitebull unified the Praxians, seized Pavis and then marched against the New Lunar Temple in 1625. He is presumed killed by a demon with two arms and an extra one sent by Tatius although his body was never found. He doesn't appear after this although it is possible.

Argrath Maniskisson is an actual person named Argrath. Some of his battles (He is described as a military genius in, I think, Orlanth is Dead) get attributed to the Argrath.

Argrath of Sartar is the Argrath who becomes Prince after Kallyr's death. His origins are obscure and given his known practice of claiming deeds that he did not do, it is uncertain whether the few scant details that we have are actually true. He comes into view clearly only when he becomes Prince.

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