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Date: Sat, 12 May 2012 11:59:43 -0700 (PDT)

I'm no expert on Keets, but I can explain the horse/bird/Fire connection.  Horses and birds are associated with the Fire rune because that doubles as the Sky/Solar rune.  The original horses were hippogriffs, and therefore Sky creatures.  I can't remember how the Feathered Horse Queen ties in, but there's certainly a link.   Here's the legend:

In our Glorantha, very, very occasionally, horses are born with vestigial feathers, particularly in their fetlocks.  These are extremely desirable and valuable, as they show the old closeness with the Sky.  They also have far greater stamina than normal horses.  Our GM, Ian Gorlick, wrote a fun Borderland scenario in which a feathered colt of uncertain ownership ends up in the temporary custody of Duke Raus.  


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>On a related note there is some interest in the runic affinities of various animals. Why are birds and horses Fire-related? For the birds, is it just explained by the Vrimak legend and the association between different runes and different types of animals? What about horses (descent from the Hippogriff?)? Also, are there horses related to different runes (I know there are birds who defected to, say, Darkness, like ravens)? What about seahorses? :P

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