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> On 5/12/2012 7:03 AM, bryan_thx wrote:
> > Some time later, much of Dragon Pass seems to be under a single Argrath. In any official publication it has been deliberately unclear who becomes that Argrath (and there may in fact be more than one that is conflated in KoS). There is also no mention of what happens between the various Argrath's.

Another IMO only. (Heavily influenced by Gwandorling Saga)

Argrath who succeeded Kallyr is Argrath Maniskison around the Battle of Sword Hill, named "Military Tactician" in "Orlanth is Dead!" Other Argraths followed him until he died in the Battle of Yoran.

(Argrath Venharlson returned his Karandoli clan to Colymar during that period, but he followed Maniskison then.)

Argrath who befriended with Gonn Orta and returned with the victory of Dwernapple was Argrath Whitebull, because it is difficult to survive long in the Great Waste for other Argraths. He died just before the Lightbringer's Quest by the army of the empire.

Argrath who went the Lightbringer's Quest and returned back with Sheng Seleris was Argrath Venharlson, he was called "Magician" in "Orlanth is Dead!". He might be killed by Sheng Seleris.

Argrath who finally brought Moonfall was Garrath Sharpsword, or Argrath of Pavis, because somehow they got EWF battle banner in the city of Pavis, and excelled with draconic magic. It is difficult to believe both the Lightbringer and the Dragonfriend is one and same.

All IMHO, I doubt the identity of "True Argrath". TI            

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