Re: Whic rebels at the dragon-rise?

From: ian_hammond_cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_A0JIKY5aQDFSy29z4skJAnX9-UOh03bZzyM7nNrFsEfm2wPlRQT6RtqpE>
Date: Sun, 13 May 2012 13:05:51 -0000

>I recall that Mynarith Purple was one of the Orlanthi intruders (dying in the event but being carried along), and obviously Kallyr was there

Note that she is not actually named. I think this is interesting, because it opens up the possibility that it is not Kallyr, but PCs, in the company of Minaryth, who perform the Dragonrise. Of course they may be in the service of Kallyr.

Whenever possible, I would try to use tricks like this to put the players in the 'cool' slots.

What happens 'officially'? In some ways I think the beauty of KoS for gaming is that it has so many 'holes' into which your game can insert instead of being definitive. I wouldn't look for a definitive answer too hard.            

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