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Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 12:19:22 +0100

On 13 May 2012, at 21:12, Daniel wrote:

> Incidentally, now that I'm looking at the Book of Heortling Mythology, Acos is depicted as having the Law Rune, and the Stasis Rune is nowhere in sight.
> Makes me wonder if the Heortlings really don't use them interchangeably depending on whether they're talking about it in a good sense or in a bad sense.

However, IIRC that's the only publication that's ever done that (it could be an error or Acos viewed from a different anglefor a specific point of view). It's always been that Acos was one of the pairs, and that pair is Stasis and Change. The Law rune has a different meaning as well, S:KOS gives us "Law - (Universal principles, logic, wizardry)" and "Stasis - (immobility, unchanging, solidity)", written for the Orlanthi. They are even classified in different ways. Stasis is a Power rune and Law is a Condition rune, with all kinds of other connections other than those described with the rune; IMO anti-chaos, and even anti-magic. Don't forget the Law rune is also the Spike, which no longer exists, Acos was on the Spike, but not the spike.

> After all, runes themselves are not/do not have such universal symbols, from what I recall - the relative uniformity of modern runes is part of a Theyalan and God Learner heritage. No doubt it would have become distorted, as well.

I believe they are universal symbols with universal power. With the drawing of the actual symbols producing a small mythic resonance with its source, draw them wrong and they don't work as well, draw them fancy and the same happens. Draw them as they work the best with the right intent and you've made magic. Imagine them as a tool that a Gloranthan mystic would meditate on to understand their meaning. Were it now or at the beginning of time, they would discover the same universal meanings as the symbol channeled the mystic to its source. (The same with Theists, Animists and Wizards, but they do it in slightly different ways.) Ordinary Gloranthans take this for granted as that is the way the world is.


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