Continuum Freeform Change: Pelorian Song Contest

From: chris jensen romer <chrisjensenromer_at_TProC1vOXLwEl3Z3g535-I2rLE3nm2KBA3USMIEi3EcYkQt0EsOCw3GuwLE>
Date: Mon, 14 May 2012 11:21:21 +0000

 OK, a quick Public Service Announcement! Being a Gloranthan Freeform I hope this is considered relevant to the list.

Malk kindly wrote last
week and informed me of a clash between the timing of my freeform at Continuum 2012 and the Griselda story and Storytelling contest. After some careful thought and re-organisation with Simon the Continuum Freeform Tsar, I have simply decided to rewrite the game to run in two hours, from 10pm (9.30 for those who can make it) to Midnight. As such it will be shorter than originally announced, and I think that may make it work even better actually: and now there is no clash. :)

So just in case anyone is going to Continuum and wanted to play but was put off by the clash, Pelorian Song Contest is now scheduled from 9.30/10pm to Midnight - a later start than previously advertised. And please don't be put off by the name, yoiu don;t have to sing and it is not an extended exercise in Gloranthan Filk but a very real Gloranthan freeform with intrigue and plot a-plenty :D

Hope a few of you can make it! The Continuum Freeform site is here -

cj x                                                

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