Re: Parrot People and Other Questions - Cragspider

From: David Cake <dave_at_COD3OOnlu86MartxGIre2BL8uAq7agEGitBQpAAzK5MDpeUW7LTADu9mn_KlUpTuQsg4d3K>
Date: Tue, 15 May 2012 11:07:15 +1000

On 15/05/2012, at 5:26 AM, Tim wrote:

>> A different line of inquiry has to do with the topic of how one would
>> go about killing Cragspider, after having been told some horror
>> stories about KoDP. They want to know how it can be done in the
>> universe, not necessarily by involving players. Personally I wonder
>> if it's even possible, considering her ties with Arachne Solara -
>> seems like this might be even tougher than killing the Only Old One
>> or the God-King was... Annoyingly, she also lacks one of the two
>> obvious troll weaknesses. It's daunting to realise that sometimes
>> "kill it with fire" is not applicable advice.
> I'm sure that Cragspider could be killed, though what the consequences might be, and whether her killer would prove worse than she is is another question.
> There is more information on Cragspider in the resources on the moon design website - 
> - she is an old darkness spirit going back to at least the start of the Storm Age (IIRC White Bear & Red Moon implies she goes back to the Green Age) with a true Dragon as an ally...

	I think it is definitely possible to kill Cragspider, but it is definitely going to require heroquest, and chances are she is a better heroquester, with better resources, than you (as I think she outclasses almost anyone who isn't a superhero. But it is definitely possible to win a victory or two against her - she plays a long game, and is unlikely to go all out (for example, wake the Black Dragon) against those who are just trying to steal some secrets rather than kill her. 

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