Re: Winnowing the Argraths?

From: Trezaae <lokamayadon_at_bWvIOvqCjBTK-TDzwj-VLxbMckwmT-O3npmO6XaifqqeM9bfsVn9JLzFjR3_MkyS>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 03:34:57 -0000

I agree that we have a shortage of official material, not may be for the designation of the Argrath ("your players" + some NPC designed by the narrator is a very fun option), but more on the details of some events barely described in past publications The idea is not to have a rigid canon where all is described but more to have some fun inspiring ideas

As the sartar rising serie seems definitively stopped, I have hopped for something else describing the events after the dragon rise but see nothing in the next publications for the medium-term future of the hero wars (no more news for the equivalent of the "great argrath saga" since a long time, so I suppose it is dead ?)

Even if the actual publications are top quality (IMO the best in all the history of glorantha), I think that something is missing to inspire us during our play of the hero war.

Even if we have begun a new campaign some years ago, it is not possible to do so each time there is a new version of the rules (or a new editor's team), so now, we are quite at the same point as bryan (just after the dragon rise) and I think that there is a shortage of inspiring material to help us to play fun campaign based on the events described in king of sartar            

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