Re: Winnowing the Argraths?

From: bryan_thx <bethexton_at_INkkKwRDj-q2AWE8jpDEfsKWYqx_qIq3J5Hi9GX1AQoPtL2kgPSkTevcDnG1fH1XXF>
Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 14:26:34 -0000

> For a variety of reasons, we've decided to make getting the Guide out THIS YEAR our top priority - having a comprehensive guide to the setting (which firmly establishes canon) is a prerequisite for bringing any new writers into the fold.

Not complaining, I'm sure that simply having the guide will provide a lot of inspiration to a lot of games!

But do understand that, when running a game, something that might come out next year versus something that will never come out.....amount to about the same thing. Either way that material won't be there for what is going to happen in the game in the coming months.

That you can only produce so many books, or that I can only afford so many books, is a reality. And that is what is so great about the Gloranthan has always managed to transcend what has been printed, to provide ideas, interpretations, extrapolations, and game experiences to flesh out the skeleton that the printed material can provide.

After all, in about thirty years of Glorantha gaming, the game material for Sartar has advanced what, about a decade or a bit more? I'm sure many, many, games have had to surmount this same barrier, and that many have come up with great material.            

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