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On 16 May 2012, at 18:05, Daniel wrote:

> Reading the History of the Heortling Peoples. Larnsti are mentioned as neither offering sacrifices to Larnste, nor summoning kolati, nor using sorcery - as I understand, abstaining from the three main forms of magic. "Instead, their very breath knows how to speak the Larnsting words of power." It is also hinted that their Twisting Wind might actually have nothing to do with Orlanth.

I was reading this not long ago and have to agree with Richard, it's a mystical ability.

> Just what is this, in Heroquest rules terms? Are they using some unusual form of theistic magic tied to Larnste and not requiring sacrifices (certainly it seems to be something that they are, and they appear to be forced to imitate their god)? Is it some kind of innate magical talent or some other special form of magic connected to the Movement rune? How would you approach this?

They probably have a low Air rune, a massive Change rune, and Mastery or Infinity.

With such a focus on a power especially that of change, they could easily refute any aspect of reality and change it to their own, becoming what ever they wanted. Sartar could do this. Imagine having that connection to change, and then abstaining from the other distractions (magics). As you daydreamed you could change the world around you. For those of you who haven't heard Greg read from "Ten Women Well Loved", King Hendrick has some Larnsting warriors, who use their change powers to go into the spirit world to find a shaman, a place they couldn't normally go. I believe that a powerful larnsting could do nearly anything, providing they don't loose themselves in the process, which is why few have the power (or understanding).


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