Re: Winnowing the Argraths?

From: Trezaae <lokamayadon_at_JX5aXKqNmuWrb2b5Vnbrnw4QfLlSuB8EWVd6dCrdWGF6sW_arDsLnAWYnJJPvDFF>
Date: Thu, 17 May 2012 01:59:34 -0000

> Gang, it is not worth speculating as to what is dead or not dead in terms of publications. The primary limitation is I can only produce so much material while maintaining the increasingly high standards of quality Moon Design has set for itself. For a variety of reasons, we've decided to make getting the Guide out THIS YEAR our top priority - having a comprehensive guide to the setting (which firmly establishes canon) is a prerequisite for bringing any new writers into the fold.
> Jeff

I apologize because it seems i was not enough clear.

So please, understand my previous post as a feedback from a part of your fan (at least me and my players LOL): as, for years, we don't hear any information on books based on this serie (the same for the great argrath saga), and no information on books based on the medium-term future of the HW (say, after 1627-1628 ?), then we can imagine that it is dead, or at least, postponed for a long time May be, a short description of how you see the "long" term edition work of gloranthan books is a solution ? Of course I understand that you cannot provide any detail or date ! We like your work so much that we want to know if we will have the chance to see a book on our favorite topics be published by your team ! :)

In no way, I complained about the choices made, and if I remember what I wrote, I said that my opinion is that the last publications were the best of all the history. I cannot say more than that ! :))            

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