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> I may well be wrong,

/// Nobody is wrong here. All of our ideas fertilize each other, and deepen our sense of Glorantha. I sometimes answer in character because I find it more enjoyable. That's what I'm going to do again.

 but I understood the Law rune to symbolise:

> 1. The natural laws of the universe;

/// Yes. Which are perfectly Logical.
> 2. In Malkioni cultures which are not atheist, the Prime Mover, Great Mind,or whatever the monotheists' god is called
/// Even the brithini recognize the Law. In fact, blindly following the Laws stated in the "Revelations of Now" is what makes them brithini. The Law is all-important to brithini. We malkioni understand the Law is also Solace.

> 3. Wizardry or Sorcery -- the advanced magic which draws on power from the Essence Plane to exploit the natural laws of the Universe;
/// Wizardry is Logical application of the Law to manipulate energy. We don't know and don't want to know anything about filthy sorcery : illusions at best, godlearnerism at worst.

> 4. The closely-linked laws and customs of Malkioni society (which probably sees 1-4  as indivisible parts of a greater whole)
/// We children of Malkion try our best to emulate His Laws in our societies. But our human, social laws are but a pathetic shadow of the Laws.
> 5. Scholars and sages who seek to understand the natural laws of the universe, including the theistic followers of Lhankor Mhy and Buserian, and the (sort-of) theistic followers of Irripi Ontor.
/// This is godlearner trite. The pagans follow wayward eransachula who percieved some small part of the Laws and integrated them in their own stunted nature. Understand the Law is Wizardry, a purely Malkioni concept. It does not fit in the pagans' worldview. Some of them equate it with Stasis, proof of their limited cognitive ablities. The Law is indeed always the same, but it rules Change as much as everything else.  

> I am assuming that there aren't many/any animists who also possess a Law rune? Though a wizard who specialised in dealing with spirits and otherworld entities might possess a Spirit rune and a Law rune 
/// Sometime some children are born among the pagans and/or heathens who still keep a connection with the Laws. Most are killed at birth by their barbaric parents. Some who survive might find Solace again.

I do wonder about 3 and the importance of the Magic rune in Malkioni society. Although I seem to recall that the form we all know and love (R) is supposed to be Praxian and presumably animistic in derivation. I'd hate for it to be entirely irrelevant for the Malkioni, though; if only because then we would lose all those neat images of Wizards with R's on their robes. /// Some us understand the workings and flows of Energy ("Magic") better, and will become zzaburi following our Laws.

5 makes me wonder as to whether there are sorcery-using buseri. :) /// As a GM, I'd say no way : dara happans are hidebound to their theistic beliefs and hate sorcery, which they equate with carmanian attackers.              

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