Re: Winnowing the Argraths?

From: Trezaae <lokamayadon_at_MuJJCtpqC9DGC2TrinVxoQV9U5SN3wj3h9Jg3RfWe70BZSAvFBrf1-ILcCqJIvI_>
Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 00:49:19 -0000

> Thanks for the praise!
> On the short term: the Guide gives direction as to the coming Hero Wars events throughout the world to around 1630 or so. They are written deliberately broadly so that YGWV but still fit within the Big Scheme of things. Throughout the book, all the major characters we know have a role to play in the coming years.
> As for the longer-term, we are experimenting with how to best present the Hero Wars themselves for gaming - keeping the basic structure but also giving your players chances to change (and break) the world.
> Jeff

Thanks for the precisions on the "guide". Since the first presentation of this book, it seems to be amazing ! And more I read about it (here or your blog), and more I am sure it will be a "chef d'oeuvre"

IMO, the idea to write the events "broadly" is perfect thanks for your answer            

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