Re: Infinity, Stasis, Magic in S:KoH

From: hcarteau_at_m8NPRwQk7eMh7gYthiYBiIVmzYXRB57YDnxcLcOyI3q41b5iAu_gVUHta35ZUwSfo4s
Date: Fri, 18 May 2012 15:45:16 +0200 (CEST)

On the contrary, it is because Law is All that Law has no opposite. Chaos is a mere Form, and a debased and illogical one to boot. It is not worthy even to be called Law's shadow
/// And yet... some have called what ignorants name "chaos" Prima Materia - the Matter which Energy, also called Law, made into the Universe. Some say God is Energy, others that God is both Matter and Energy. Since godlearners popularized this concept, it has somehow fallen into disrepute. It doesn't mean it isn't True.

However the immutable fact that there is nothing greater than the Law does not prevent lesser beings (with an inevitably imperfect understanding of the Law) from seeing less than the full picture -- and from not always seeing the same incomplete portions of the picture as other lesser mortals. Like the Teshnan tale about the blind men and the elephant.
/// Yes, well, only zzaburi get the proper training to discern the workings of Law. Only the wisest among them get glimpses of the full glory of the Law - these strange idealists in Akem call that "Joy". But you don't need to belong to their schola to get closer to The One. There are many ways. But they all bring you to the same place.

That different Wizards have different names for the Law, as you acknowledge, illustrates the very problem which you seek to deny
/// Are you zzaburi ? Should I even tell you of things that could shatter your understanding of the universe ? Aren't you presuming your place and polluting the Teachings ? Don't you have a role to play in Proper Society ? Let's see what the Glorious Order of the Golden Lance has to say about all this...

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