Re: Shocking story of a RW trader prince : Marco Polo

From: hcarteau_at_7lATnWs3w-kvz2h2I_CLa1t0mS3zAmcv8R_4ddfR9ON8YFXnwoVFRMLtxQjiF_UVQfX
Date: Sat, 19 May 2012 16:16:39 +0200 (CEST)

This seems pretty moderate by mythbusting standards. I'm not a specialist on Marco Polo (though I know people who are; must ask them...), but I definitely recall that there was a reasonably popular (in academic circles) notion that he never went to China at all and just made everything up.
/// The author, Heers, does not say that, and writes Polo probably went to Cathay (and only saw it through Mongol eyes - he doesn't even list chinese as one of the many languages he speaks).

Anyway, the Gloranthan equivalent would probably be a Handra man writing about his amazing journey to far-off Kralorela. And leaving a whole lot of horribly misleading information together with a few nuggets of truth to mislead the poor PCs planning to travel in his trail...
/// It could be a jrusteli trader who only saw a small part of kralorela, always through the "screen" installed by Guillam d'Estau and his cronies.

Ah, well. At least St. Caselain was the real deal.
/// Who knows ? Some rokari zzaburi argue that his Travelogue is only metaphoric. Even his little saints (Steuben, Etienne, etc.) are allegories of proper Caste Law (Steuben is horali, etc.)

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