Eclipses in GLorantha

From: Zachary Kline <zkline_at_K9wz9T9gq2hT8wptWZSvRWLgVNAIcZ97My9ebuAphfqibneCueuxj6TSpkhCmUNr2P8ps>
Date: Sun, 20 May 2012 18:35:51 -0700

Hi All,
GIven the crazy eclipse going on tonight, I was wondering about the topic of eclipses in Glorantha. As I understand it, the world has two moons. I'm not sure how that would play out as far as one being eclipsed is concerned. Does anyone have any input on this question in general? An Orlanthi perspective would be a bonus—perhaps involving Elmal? Yours with thanks,

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