Re: Heroquest secrets

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Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 22:45:11 +0200 (CEST)

/// Interesting clan ; I always thought all dragon allies had been exterminated by the Invincible Golden Horde, if not by dragonewt assassins themselves. Your clan must have done something REALLY special for the drakes. So what did happen to your ancestors during the Dragonkill ? That's where your Big Secret must be. What can you tell us ?

De: "Zachary Kline" <>

Hi All,
I'm doing some housekeeping on the clan sheet for my Sartar game, the kind of thing we probably should have done a few months ago, when we first created it. :) Now that I have a better grasp of the setting, I'm wondering about what sort of heroquest secrets are appropriate? Our clan's ancient ally is the dragonnewts, so the idea which occurred to me first was something related to Orlanth and Aroka. Would it be short-circuiting the mythology too much to have our clan know a way to release Heler without having to slay Aroka? If not, what are some sample HQ secrets which might be a bit less overpowered? THanks much for any input,            

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