Re: Heler Initiation Ritual (and other Heler mythos trivia)

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Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 21:29:36 -0000

About the Young God - in Heortling-related texts he's mostly just given a side mention with regards to Heler. Heler knew the secrets of the Young God, who is a star in the middle of (what is now) the Celestial River, and that secret explains how Water managed to invade the Sky.

The Young God is also mentioned in the Glorious ReAscent of Yelm, though. Apparently it's a significant position in the Sun's movement across the Sky Dome, and there are stories about it that are some associated with Yelm and sometimes with Kargzant, which makes me think it probably could apply to some other sun deities as well.

Anyway, the story of the Young God as presented there deals with his journey through the different parts of the observable sky. He survives various humiliating incidents and tribulations - interestingly, including confronting and being overwhelmed by the River! This is because he is clearly associated with Fire, and Water is strong against Fire. No doubt the idea of water being able to subdue (though not destroy completely) the Sun is something that Helerings would be happy to mention to any Elmali acquaintances.

In any case, the story then goes on to mention some other perilous encounters and occasional respites that are associated with the changing of the seasons, which get colder and colder as the Young God grows weaker and more desperate. But in the end, he makes his way back to his Throne star (which is associated with the start of Spring) and is healed and renewed. So, I suppose it is a story about the immortality/inevitable resurrection of the Sun, a very popular Solar theme, of course. The Helering secret might be that the Sun is definitely weaker at some times and betrayed by its own fiery nature, even if it does reassert its strength later on (which probably corresponds to the forces of the Sky Gods rallying and pushing the forces of Water back from the Sky).

Or it might be a different take on the Spring and Summer, as Heler is strong then too. Once again, the Rain and the Sun vie for the same things...

That's just speculation, but I probably get more Illumination points anyway. :P

And I'm not sure what perspective could give a good answer about Aroka and Sshorga, to be frank. :) Except perhaps a dragonewt or wyrmfriend one.

Considering the interest of some of my players in matters draconic, maybe we'll end up finding an answer to that one ourselves.

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