Re: Heroquest secrets

From: Daniel <von_das_at_zBfabgd659Xp8NNGMLIUzfxlVF-iRRYv00qEg-z60PyA3eu_TL-5JJD7tjJ_14nIT51R>
Date: Mon, 21 May 2012 21:45:45 -0000

>Excellent question. We certainly didn't move up to Dragon Pass with all the other human dragonfriends, I wasn't aware the Dragonkill extended beond that area.

Dragonewts warning their REAL allies about the impending disaster seems like a likely occurrence to me. Remember, not all dragonewts were on board with EWF in the first place, and certainly almost all of them turned against it later.

Maybe one of them warned you to stay away from Dragon Pass?

>Of course, the dragonewts were just our ancient allies, the relationship might have atrophied since hen.

But you still know that special greeting ritual, of course. Which means you know an actual way to interact with them, how ever limited it might be, as opposed to trying to guess what you could possibly do to get an idea across. Your clan is very fortunate in that regard. :P

Anyway, as far as actual contributions go, I think it might be a good idea to look at your famous event? Maybe you received some special draconic insight into it. Or into the Aroka quest, if you want. Perhaps draconic knowledge lets you know there is (always) another way to get what you seek there. Like giving you an option to persuade Aroka to let you perform a ritual of utuma on him (though I highly doubt the clan would understand it as such; they'd just know it as a heroquest secret that applies to freeing Heler from Aroka, without understanding the full mystic context).            

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