Re: Heroquest secrets

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Date: Tue, 22 May 2012 08:04:18 +0200 (CEST)

Ritual of Utuma? Forgive my own mystical ignorance.
/// Again, nothing to forgive : it's only a game, and nobody has to know this kind of stuff to play beautifully !
Utuma is called by some ritual suicide ; dragonewts sometimes do it with their bone shortsword and gut themselves, for unfathomable reasons to outsiders. Utuma is also called Death. But I suspect it's in fact just a step forward, a threshold to cross on the way to Being the Dragon - or getting closer to the All for other cultures.

Did you know dragonewts don't live in Time ? That their different stages are, in fact, the cosmos' ages ? Crested is Innocence of the Green Age, etc. I advise reading the Dragonewts book by Lawrence Whitaker. Sometimes a heavy read, but filled with Insight.

 I made the regretable mistake of not recording which event was my famous one when we generated the clan—I was too busy recording the resources and our answers effects on them at the time. So that's out.
/// That's quite OK with me - at the start players don't have a feel for their culture. Work with them to define this event now. Let them supply the ideas - you'll be surprised.

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