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Date: Fri, 25 May 2012 19:16:37 +0200 (CEST)

Woah. That is some campaign. I quite like the snapshots you give of the KoI. It makes it alive, with "stars brighetining at midnight, etc. This appeals to me as a weeeird place.

Out of curiosity, why not do more than dreaming and actually play ? In this age of the internet, it's much easier to join or organize a group than when I was a teenager.


> Did you send PCs there ?

I actually haven't played a tabletop RPG in a very long time. I played KoDP and AoG, but mostly I read the books and lists, and dream. "My Glorantha" is really just a hobby for my imagination.

The Kingdom of Ignorance appeals to my inner 13 year old. I think it'd be great for a dark, hack-n-slash, maybe gonzo game. My thoughts are:

* It has a lot of "Uz lands" terrain with mushroom forests and stuff, but also corn fields, and it's not all Uz-dominated: there are evil human warlords, evil human sorcerer towers, evil human slaver caravans, etc. 
* Rather than Basko or Black Sun per se, the cult is Eclipse Boy and Astro Girl, with a yin-yang rune. 
* The trolls call the underworld Heaven and the sky The Abyss. Every day there's an eclipse at noon and a brightening of the stars at midnight. They honor the eclipse with the Hymn for Heaven on Earth, if they're awake. 
* The standard troll weapon is the klanth. They use chitin armor that looks part Aztec, part samurai. 
* One local character is Butterfly Man, a heroic shaman in the mountains that looks like a man made of or covered by living butterflies. 

I had one idea for a Kingdom of Ignorance campaign, but it's a little different. I wanted something with a lot of mysteries and heroquesting, and I was reading the Ninja Burger RPG and thinking about the disorder rune.

The PCs begin in the KoI as Enlo property of a heroic Uz chef. Their home caves are suddenly invaded by enemy trolls riding a giant burrowing centipede. With everything falling apart around them, the PCs' only hope for survival is to hide clown-car style in their mistress's magic cauldron.

Inside, they wind up in Hell's Kitchen, in service to a creature that looks like a giant Peking ravioli with googly eyes, where they begin their mystical culinary/ninja training. They're all ninjas, but they can choose different skills and shticks. Eventually they emerge from the cauldron back in the surface world, where they find their home caves pillaged and empty, or escape from the captivity of the invading tribe, or whatever, and set themselves up in the city as humble Enlo street-cauldron vendors by night, interdimensional ninjas by day.

Then it's episodic. Every session the giant Peking ravioli sends them on a mission to the Other Side to fulfill a delivery of delicious Eastern food to hungry heroquesters. Unknown to the customers, they also get instructions to use their entropic Enlo ninja powers to Foul Stuff Up in different ways. You can mix episodic stuff with a background plot, like Alias or the X-Files.            

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