Re: Heler Initiation Ritual

From: Daniel <von_das_at_1qA0DpqFubEul3CEXKDNUz44omck7L9oweXsI22Ad8LJ0EUy1z5ykIa88A6TwptMsd9Y>
Date: Fri, 01 Jun 2012 19:20:33 -0000

I was under impression that after performing the Arming of Orlanth, Heler was (eventually) attacked by Ui and turned into crystal. However, a small part of him escaped to become Ereltharol, who protected Voriof and fought alongside Vinga to defend the people while Elmal defended Orlanth's stead, growing weaker and weaker. Eventually, Ereltharol was slain by Urain, went to the Underworld to join the deities facing the Devil, and returned with Orlanth.

One might say that there is an interesting difference between Elmal the steadfast, relatively stationary defender and Ereltharol/Heler the roving protector. That and Elmal is supposed to be a honourable, "clean" warrior, I believe (though obviously not without guile!), while Ereltharol/Heler is known to be "brutal by Heortling standards" - and arguably Helamakt is not much nicer!

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