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Me :

> The way I look at it personally, Heler's _nature_ is to be ambiguous and shape-shifting -- but his _purpose_ is to take whichever very specific and stable shape happens to be needed in whichever circumstance ; which is one of the principle reasons why Heler cultists nearly always focus on one specific shape of Heler only, because that is the shape that is needed.

... which is liable to be how I would see a typical Helering initiation BTW, just to get back on topic.

  1. The child is ambiguous and shape shifting, unsure of the future path in life.
  2. Whichever <campaign-determined thematic crisis> (derived from the character the player wants to play), relevant to that child's future initiatory status, exists in the world around - the world is broken, and needs fixing.
  3. The child sees this, but then <archetypal Heler Rain event occurs>
  4. Refuse the Call to Adventure : Orlanth comes to take the child into the Battle Hall, but the child knows this is wrong and says no ; Ernalda comes and says the child will always have a place at her hearth with the child's sisters, but the child knows this is wrong and says no.
  5. Still a child, <campaign-determined thematic crisis> manifests -- enemies attack, crops wither, people are betrayed, people lose sight of the beauty of the herds in the wind, the flocks scatter in fear, Chaos comes to devour, sickness comes to the people, etc etc etc whatever
  6. Filled with resolve, but still nevertheless a powerless child, the child runs away, determined to set things right again
  7. <archetypal Heler Rain event occurs>
  8. <shape> of Heler imparts wisdom to the child and sets a task
  9. <task - crisis - child must assume <shape> to resolve that crisis>
  10. Filled with purpose, the new adult receives magic, form, and purpose. Rain clouds blow in, and the land is covered with gentle, fierce, heavy, or light rains filled with that same purpose.
  11. The new adult meets Orlanth in the Wild, or Ernalda at her Lodge -- roleplaying occurs
  12. The young Initiate heroforms that <shape> of Heler, and performs whichever <task> to resolve that crisis -- freeing the land forever (?) from whatever and whichever
  13. The child has become an adult, and his clan brethren and sistren look to him with a strange respect that is the confirmation of his renewal into the people.

PS) post-initiation celebrations ensue !!!!            

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