Re: Heler Initiation Ritual

From: Daniel <von_das_at_M3EDhvkxoubTdXikWm-BUkT_cTnBbVRl1J_t5GfXYrfVal5qTwq2YzUr1lbqk54pkLCZ>
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2012 14:28:46 -0000

I had assumed it was referring to an indeterminate period in pre-time, perhaps known among sea-worshipers, when the only elements in existence were Darkness and Sea. Followed by the Green Age when Earth was added, then Golden Age with the addition of Sky or Fire, and the Storm Age with the addition of Air.

It seems like a viable classification, with how confusing and non-universal mythic ages seem to be. Just not one the Heortlings would know of.

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