Re: Heler Initiation Ritual

From: julianlord <julian.lord_at_sHEuiUJAV6PzrGLv10hSgdxGUpdIWkERLNhrBw7umkFdxWddPYAWsWsjhPOBd_I4>
Date: Sun, 03 Jun 2012 15:19:48 -0000

Daniel :

> I had assumed it was referring to an indeterminate period in pre-time, perhaps known among sea-worshipers, when the only elements in existence were Darkness and Sea. Followed by the Green Age when Earth was added, then Golden Age with the addition of Sky or Fire, and the Storm Age with the addition of Air.

That's the God Learner view of things certainly, and one that is most certainly not universally valid -- but from a Water Gods' perspective, there was a Blue Age before there was ever any solid land, or sky, etc.

In that time, sexual differentiation did not exist.

A second Age of Water exists, when the mortal merman races appeared, but this would be classified as the Green Age by the average God Learner (but not by the mermen races themselves).

(this is in part a metaphor for RW evolution by the way, from "sorry can't remember which writings from Greg")

(I have no idea if the mermen would see that as a single Age or two, by the way)

> It seems like a viable classification, with how confusing and non-universal mythic ages seem to be. Just not one the Heortlings would know of.

Virtually none of the Heortlings know about Heler's deeper origins, and only a very few mystics in Heler's own cult, plus some Lhankor Mhy etc will be aware of any of this (or care, to be honest) -- but that is immaterial to Heler's actual origins :-)            

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