Re: Winnowing the Argraths?

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Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2012 08:40:37 +0100 (BST)

I'm sure I've heard the theory that "Argrath" is as much a title as a name before.

IIRC much of King of Sartar was written later, looking back. So that kind of blurring could easily have occurred in the intervening period, as with Robin Hood or King Arthur

Though what works when looking back in the Fourth Age can't work in the same way in the Third Age when the events are actually happening

Richard Hayes

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I was toying with the idea that the player characters in the campaign were all Agrath.  Sort of like "I am Spartacus."  They did it to throw off assassins like Gim Gim the Grim and keep the Lunars off balance.  "They" didn't do it, it was that Argrath guy.  So when Garrath is off with Harreck, another PC took up the Argrath mantle and was with Kallyr.  Maybe even Elusu the little shit was Argrath from time to time.  Just an alternative.

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